Tarmac Driveways

On this page we will give you the basic information and overview into the construction method and installation process for a long lasting Tarmac Driveways.

We will list all we think you need to know about Tarmac, allowing you to make the correct and informed decision on which surface to choose.

Tarmac is a cost effective way to get your Driveway looking really homely without breaking the bank. Tarmac is durable and long lasting when installed correctly.  Your driveway will be installed professionally by one of our highly experienced team.

Tarmac can be elegantly finished with Block edging or even a feature made of blocks. Tarmac  is extremely low maintenance, quick to install 2 – 3 days depending on the size of your driveway and weather conditions.

All specifications and processes of work are designed for Patios, footpaths and residential driveways.

If you require information for a heavy commercial installation please get in touch and we will arrange for one of our expert surveyors to come out to your project.


What is Tarmac / Asphalt?

Tarmac is a material used for surfacing outdoor surfaces that is made of broken stone mixed  with tar. Tarmac is a strong and durable surface Tarmac is finished with a top coating which is smooth which improves grip and water resistance. A top bead is added to the surface as it is laid to give extra grip under foot. It is essential Tarmac is only laid by specialist trades teams to provide a quality long lasting finish. Fully porous options available ask for details.

Main Advantages of Tarmac Driveways

  • Quick installations
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective price
  • Nice everyday surface to live with
  • Great smooth finish
  • Hard wearing & durable

Main Disadvantages of Tarmac Driveways

  • Weeds can take hold if damaged
  • Planning permission maybe required
  • Not the easiest surface to blend in a patch and repair
  • Not frost resistant
  • Not puddle free
  • Vulnerable to high extreme temperatures and weather conditions
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